Stem Cell

Dad Of The Year Is Selling His WRX STI To Pay For Daughter’s Stem Cell Therapy

Jonathan Corbett from New York loves his Subaru WRX STI. But he loves his daughter more. In what comes off at first as a typical Craigslist ad, he closes by mentioning the car for sale is to raise money for stem cell therapy that he hopes will help heal his 5-year-old daughter’s brain, which suffered damage during birth.

As America debates how best to cover people’s health care needs, it’s a reminder of what some people—even diehard gearheads like us—will do to help the people they love.

Jonathan’s daughter Colleen was born in October, 2011 after an arduous 22 hour delivery that required the use of a vacuum, and that ultimately resulted in a blood infection and subsequent blood transfusion, subdural hematoma (bleeding of the brain), and two major seizures.

With injuries to her left and right frontal lobes, Colleen has since been diagnosed with level two cerebral palsy and bilateral hearing loss, and may also have “cortical visual impairment.” She regularly has seizures, and to get around, she uses a walker and a wheelchair.

But despite all that, Jonathan told Jalopnik his daughter is a fighter who loves music, and who’s never afraid to show that she’s a “sassy, stubborn, loving cuddle bug.”

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