Emma’s Cancer Diagnosis On ‘Playing House’ Highlights The Show’s Most Important Relationship

Nicole Wilder/USA Network

Many Playing House fans already know that Season 3 would fictionalize Jessica St. Clair’s real life triumph over breast cancer. That said, there are minor spoilers for Playing House ahead through the first four episodes, which are only available on the USA Now app at this time. What I found perfect right off the bat is that when Emma is diagnosed with cancer on Playing House, she only finds out because she’s such a good friend. Being there for Maggie lead to that discovery and might have saved her life, which is such a good example of what makes this show special.

The arc begins in Episode 4. While Zach is teaching Bruce how to ride a bike, as one does, Emma visits Maggie at the hospital and discovers the tension building between her friend and Dr. Ericson, also known as Dr. Popsicle — her cold, British, Darcy-esque boss.

She goes into wing woman mode, Maggie and Dr. Ericson…