Mom Allegedly Faked Toddler’s Cancer and Raised $40,000 on His Behalf While Posing as Doctor

Monika Burgett

A Texas mom allegedly posed as a doctor and falsely claimed her preschool-age son had brain cancer so she could receive prescription opioids, according to multiple reports.

Assistant prosecutor Anne Flanagan alleged that Burgett, 39, used a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to raise $40,000 on her son’s behalf. Burgett allegedly had her son’s eyebrows and head shaved and then took photos of him to post on the site, the Associated Press reports.

Burgett’s assistant defense attorneys, Lisa Rabanus, confirms to PEOPLE that Burgett sought treatment for her son at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital after he underwent care in Houston and Austin.

According to testimony at Burgett’s pre-trial hearing, Burgett allegedly attempted to mislead doctors at the hospital about her son’s diagnosis — which she said was a brain tumor. She also allegedly claimed to be a doctor and even “became a member of the health care team,” Dr. Robert Shapiro testified in Tuesday’s hearing, 11Alive reported.

M.J. Hugan, her defense attorney, admitted in court, “At some point, she adopted the…