Novel seca medical Vital Signs Analyzer advances potential of non-invasive diagnostics to completely new level

Malnutrition, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and all their consequences are among the world’s major medical challenges of the 21st century. Nevertheless, the assessment of a patient’s state of health and nutritional status is still based on classic vital signs and BMI (Body Mass Index). As critical parameters of body composition are not measured, the opportunities to initiate preventive measures or to optimize treatment remain unused. The seca medical Vital Signs Analyzer (mVSA) compensates for the weaknesses of BMI and increases the potential of non-invasive, ad hoc diagnostics to a completely new level.

Bioimpedance and vital signs analysis – A dynamic duo for optimized diagnostics

The seca mVSA is the world’s first Spot-Check Monitor which measures the four classic vital signs of blood pressure, SpO2, pulse and temperature plus body composition consisting of fat mass, muscle mass and body water by means of Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA). seca had the precision of these BIA parameters validated against respective gold standards in a multi-center study involving different ethnic groups. The options of combining data from body composition and vital signs yield a much faster and more differentiated assessment of the patient’s state of health and nutrition status than is possible with vital signs and BMI alone. At the end of the very brief examination, the doctor immediately has all the information required for decision-making.

Cross-indication gains for diagnostics and treatment

The seca mVSA has added value beyond the treatment of obesity, malnutrition and diabetes. Cross-indication patients and…