Rare Diseases

Rockton family spreads awareness of rare disease after son is diagnosed


It’s a disorder you’ve probably never heard of… it’s called Batten disease. Only a handful of children are diagnosed with it in the United States and one lives right here in the Stateline.

Ten-year-old Brock Scarpetta loves horses and watching the TV show Bonanza, but he isn’t able to tell you that.

“His brain’s deteriorating, slowly, but its deteriorating and that’s the best way to explain it,” said Brock’s mom Christina Scarpetta.

Brock has Batten Disease, a rare genetic disorder that affects the nervous system.
It’s typically fatal by the late teens or early twenties.

“You never want to hear those words, that your son has a terminal illness,” said Christina.

Brock was diagnosed three years ago, after suffering from seizures and speech problems.

“His walking, he’s got a gait, his running, that’s gotten worse over the last three years, full sentences they’ve become rare,” said Brock’s dad Brad Scarpetta.