Some Pediatricians Are Refusing to See Unvaccinated Kids

Little girl getting a vaccine

As some parents continue to refuse vaccines for their children, it’s not just schools turning them away. Many pediatricians are now dismissing families who deny lifesaving vaccinations for nonmedical reasons.

Despite the abundance of scientific evidence supporting the safety and necessity of vaccines, some families continue to express hesitancy or distrust the important inoculations altogether. Many doctors worry that their refusal could put other patients at risk.

“I have two patients in my practice who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons,” Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP, a New Jersey pediatrician told Forbes last year. “I have to protect them. I have to protect babies who cannot be vaccinated because of their age.”

While more pediatricians are adopting similar rules (up to nearly one in eight, according to a 2013 survey), the news still comes as a shock to some parents who delay or skip immunizations.

“My oldest son is 13 and just recently, I took them into the same pediatrician’s office and they informed me at the end of the visit that they would no longer see my children because I don’t…