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‘Tragic and avoidable’ – Hospital apologises for death of woman after stem cell operation

St James’s hospital has apologised to Barbara Kozyra's husband
St James’s hospital has apologised to Barbara Kozyra’s husband

A HOSPITAL has apologised in the High Court to the husband of a woman who died after she underwent a stem cell transplantation.

Barbara Kozyra (32) had been transferred from a hospital in Northern Ireland to St James’s in Dublin for the specialist treatment relating to a bone marrow stem cell disorder.

However, her counsel Jeremy Maher said, she died just under two months after the operation.

Counsel said a mistake was made in in filling out of a form. A transplant co-ordinator mistakenly marked Ms Kozyra down as negative for cytomegalovirus (CMV) when she was in fact positive.

A common virus which can lie dormant, CMV can be reactivated and become dangerous when someone is immuno-suppressed post-transplant.

Counsel said Ms Kozyra’s immune system did not respond as it should after the transplant and tragically she lost her life in October 2013.

In the apology read to the court as part of the settlement of the case, St James’s offered it sincere condolence to Ms Kozyra’s husband Piotr Kozyra and the Kozyra extended family on her untimely death.

“The hospital acknowledges that there was a…