UTSW Researchers Testing New Drug For When Breast Cancer Comes Back

DALLAS (CBS11) – An exciting new development in the world of breast cancer research is happening right here in North Texas.

Researchers at UT Southwestern Simmons Cancer Center have identified a molecule that shuts down estrogen-sensitive breast cancer in a new way, giving hope to patients whose cancers have become resistant to traditional therapies or whose cancer has returned.

“You think you’ve beaten it, you think you’ve won, and then when it comes back: that is absolutely terrifying,” says Dr. Ganesh Raj, Professor of Urology and Pharmacology. “When it comes back, this gives you a chance.”

Dr. Ganesh credits an entire team for the discovery of ERX-11, also called a “first-in-class” drug because it works to combat cancer in a way that has not been tried in other therapies.