Warwick man spearheading fight against prostate cancer

A PASSIONATE Warwick man is hoping to send prostate cancer packing.
Semi-retired businessman Graham Fulford, has been holding prostate cancer screening events around the country since 2004 through his charity, The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust.
To date, the charity has arranged 75,000 screenings – known as Prostate Specific Antigen tests – detecting nearly 1,200 cases of cancer in men 40 and over.
Having lost two important people in his life to the disease – both who discovered it in its advanced stages – Graham became determined to prevent others from suffering the same fate.
The 70 year-old – who had known nothing about the illness before it struck loved ones – sought advice from Prostate Cancer UK, and began his mission with the help of urologist David Baxter-Smith.
Although figures from Public Health England show 96.6 per cent of patients survive beyond 12 months of diagnosis, it is the 3.4 per cent that do not which concerns Graham.
He said: “The UK is getting better a treating the cancer, but not finding it. Around 40,000 men a year are diagnosed, so that small percentage is over 1,000 men.
“The best time to…